Living Assets™ API & SDK

The complete infrastructure layer for bringing dynamic, mutable NFTs to your game, brand, or project.
Drive retention. Increase revenue. Improve lifetime value.

Product features


Mint millions of dynamic NFTs without paying gas fees


Allow asset properties to evolve according to any data or usage metric, with all changes certified on the blockchain


Trading in any currency


Integrate our API & SDKs seamlessly into your game, metaverse, website, or app


Low energy usage due to our fraud-proof Layer 2 protocol, deployed on proof-of-stake blockchains

What’s in it for your business?

Increase user retention

By allowing them the power to modify the properties of their owned digital content

Boost revenue

For your product by allowing users to trade your game or brand’s digital assets, with a sale commission

Connect across multiple touchpoints

By expanding your game or brand’s exposure and increasing awareness among your target audience

Zero barrier entry

Allowing you to design your Web3 strategy with a seamless user experience

Reduce costs

By not paying
gas fees