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Play-to-Earn: disrupting the games industry

Freeverse.io is a small games studio with a big goal: introduce a completely new way of gaming.

Our backend technology allows players to improve/change in-game assets just by playing our games, and permits players to sell these assets on to other players, and make a profit; a model we call “play to earn”. We are developing several games using this technology, which is secured by blockchain networks such as Ethereum. Based in sunny Barcelona, Spain, we have secured a significant seed funding round and are busy developing our first game, due for release in 2020. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then get in touch, we are hiring!

Play to Earn

Our tech and games will enable gamers to modify and improve their in game assets while playing – effectively monetizing their game time

Upcoming Games

We have a series of games in development, mostly targeting mobile platforms, with our first title due for release in 2020.

Scalable Distributed Gaming

We apply our novel scaling technology to popular blockchain networks, to permit millions of users to benefit from the Play-to-Earn model

Interested in working with Freeverse?

Do you love gaming and/or blockchain? Contact us!


Toni Mateos

CEO. Previously Research Director at Dolby Laboratories, where he joined via the acquisition of ImmSound, a cutting-edge Cinema Technology company that Toni co-founded in 2012, and of which he was Director of Research. Author of 20+ patents, Toni holds a PhD in String Theory, a Postdoc in Quantum Gravity by the Imperial College of London and a Postgrad in Blockchain Technologies by the Polytechnic U. of Catalonia.
Athina Sismanidou

MBA by Manchester Business School, PhD from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. 20 years of experience in JV, M&A, and business restructuring projects, in the fields of Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
Eduard Aylon

Senior Software Engineer at Dolby. 20+ years of experience in development of real time signal processing applications for audio & video. Master of C++, Python, Qt, Algorithm development and complex build systems. Computer Science by HKU (The Netherlands) and Industrial Engineer by the UPC (Spain).
Ferran Estalella

COO. Previously Manager at Accenture, primarily for the Telecommunications market, developing System Integrations projects in the area of Technology and Strategy, and afterwards as a part of Accenture Innovation Center in Barcelona being involved in Mobility, Analytics and IoT projects. University Education of Industrial Engineer and a Postgrad in Blockchain Technologies by the Polytechnic U. of Catalonia.
Alessandro Siniscalchi

CTO. Previously Head of Development at BelAirCinema. 15 years of experience in deployment of mission-critical systems, on projects ranging from robotics, industrial control of Space Observatories (Grantecan), Military fighter jets (Eurofighter Typhoon) to Cinema Sound and Audio Signal Processing (Dolby).
Adrià Massanet

18 years experience within the areas of security, cryptography and digital identity software development. Developed software and solutions from coding low-level drivers to designing requirements for building common criteria certified security software. Expert in Ethereum. Go, C/C++ & Solidity.
Jordi Baylina


Mentor & Advisor at Freeverse. Legend of Ethereum. Co-Founder at the White Hat Group and author of several of the most impactful and widely used smart-contracts. Angel investor in disruptive projects for the Ethereum Community.