15 September

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Gamevolution, a blockchain incubator dedicated to supporting gaming companies. In a rapidly evolving landscape where blockchain technology intersects with gaming, this collaboration signifies a significant advancement toward improving the web3 game development community.

Freeverse has a longstanding commitment to delivering top-tier services and tools to game developers. In conjunction with Gamevolution, we are excited to introduce a suite of specialized services tailored to the unique needs of web3 game development. Our expertise encompasses blockchain integration, decentralized economies, and player-centric ecosystems.

Acknowledging that exceptional web3 games require a distinctive blend of expertise and resources, our partnership aims to provide Gamevolution's partner network with access to the latest innovations in the web3 space. This includes insights into blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and design principles that prioritize player engagement and satisfaction.

Gamevolution stands as a beacon of innovation in the gaming industry. Their dedication to helping game developers expand their creations into the blockchain gaming category aligns perfectly with our vision. By integrating innovative blockchain technology into games, Gamevolution adds significant value to the most crucial element—the players.

Freeverse offers a comprehensive platform and a suite of tools for integrating Living Assets™ into your game, brand, or project. Living Assets™ are dynamic NFTs that can adapt their attributes depending on their utility, ensuring their value is linked to their practicality rather than speculation and rarity. Our services include: Living Assets™ API and SDK: a complete and easy to use infrastructure solution Multicurrency Payment Gateway: Empower customers to trade Living Asset™ NFTs in their preferred currency and earn commissions on their transactions. Social Evolver: Bridge social media engagement and user-generated content (UGC) with web3 ownership and reward engagement with your game or brand. Customizable Marketplace: A Living Assets™ NFT trading platform with extensive features tailored to match your brand's unique identity.

Freeverse is proud to join forces with Gamevolution in the pursuit of advancing web3 game development. Stay tuned for further updates on this partnership on our website and social media and encourage you to explore Gamevolution's website and to learn more about their contributions to the blockchain gaming space.

The future of gaming is truly for the players, and together with web3 technologies and creative new approaches to game design, we will unlock its full potential.