The gaming industry has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, especially with the rise of NFTs and their integration into gaming experiences. Here is our take on the advantages offered by the Epic Games Store as a distribution channel for web3 games, focused on the opportunity it provides for monetization and the ease of porting games to the platform. We'll also discuss a real-world example of how UPLAY, one of our clients using the Living Assets™ platform, are leveraging the Epic Games Store to successfully publish their game and implement innovative payment processes.

Freedom in Monetization and Payment Gateways

Unlike certain platforms like the App Store, the Epic Games Store offers game developers a considerable level of freedom when it comes to implementing payment gateways. For instance, developers can integrate popular payment processors like PayPal or even leverage Freeverse's gateways for processing payments in all currencies. This lack of limitations allows game developers to explore various revenue models, ultimately giving them more control over how they monetize their games.

Instant Porting and Cost Savings

One of the standout advantages of publishing NFT games on the Epic Games Store is the seamless and swift porting process. Typically, porting games across multiple platforms incurs significant costs and requires extensive adaptation of the game's code. However, the Epic Games Store simplifies this process, enabling game developers to bring their creations to the platform in a matter of days. This quick porting capability not only saves valuable time but also eliminates the substantial financial burden associated with multiplatform game releases.

Striker Manager 3: A Real Use Case

A compelling example of the advantages offered by the Epic Games Store for web3 games is the recent release of Striker Manager 3 by our client, UPLAY Online. This game, available on the Epic Games Store, showcases the immense potential of NFT integration and introduces an innovative payment system that captivates players while driving revenue growth.

In Striker Manager 3, players have the opportunity to own and trade unique in-game digital assets, such as land and soccer players, via the Living Assets™ dynamic NFTs platform. Leveraging the Epic Games Store's flexibility, UPLAY Online seamlessly integrated these assets, enhancing the overall gameplay experience and unlocking new revenue streams.

To further engage players and maximize revenue potential, UPLAY Online implemented a reverse auction system within Striker Manager 3. This unique approach creates a sense of excitement and urgency among players, increasing their interest in auctioned items. The system begins by setting an initial price for an item, and if no buyers emerge, the price automatically decreases by a fixed amount every hour. This dynamic pricing mechanism ensures attention is drawn to the auctioned items, ultimately driving player engagement and potentially boosting the game's aggregated revenue.

The successful implementation of NFTs, combined with the introduction of the reverse auction system, has propelled Striker Manager 3 to new heights. With the game readily available on the Epic Games Store, UPLAY Online was able to swiftly adapt its code, complete the necessary review process, and bring its game to a wide audience within days.

The results speak for themselves, as Striker Manager 3 has seen a remarkable increase in player engagement and revenue. As of mid-July, 2023, NFTs have been live only for three weeks and the game has already had +$7K single sales.

By harnessing the power of NFTs and leveraging the Epic Games Store's distribution capabilities, UPLAY Online has tapped into the growing secondary market for digital assets sales. This additional revenue stream, along with the captivating reverse auction system, has contributed to the game's overall success and solidified its position as a standout example of how blockchain games can thrive on the Epic Games Store.


In conclusion, the Epic Games Store provides game developers with unparalleled freedom in monetization as well as payment gateway implementation options for NFT games. The seamless and cost-effective porting process enables developers to reach a wider audience quickly.

Striker Manager 3, developed by UPLAY Online, serves as a compelling real use case that exemplifies the advantages of the Epic Games Store. By integrating dynamic NFTs and implementing a captivating reverse auction system, Striker Manager 3 experienced increased player engagement and revenue growth.

The game's success demonstrates how web3 games can thrive on the Epic Games Store, tapping into the growing secondary market and capitalizing on the platform's distribution capabilities. As the gaming industry evolves, the Epic Games Store offers invaluable opportunities for developers to succeed in the expanding web3 gaming ecosystem.